The message that Sandro Bernasconi brings in the gardens for over 30 years

Making your wishes come true is our SUCCESS

Planning and creating gardens is our PASSION

Experience and professionality are the core of the COMPANY

The working process



We develop your ideas by bringing them to reality,
through our experience and knowledge



With the highest degree of competence,
we carry out small and large construction works,
both private and public



We help grow and keep your garden healthy for years to come

Our Team

Our "guru", landscape gardener AFC. The orchestra's director, always present and available, a gardener of the "old school" but who recently has managed to innovate and innovate the company.
Born and raised in the family business, he began his career as an AFC landscape gardener in 2014 and finished it 3 years later. He takes on another experience in Zurich to gain new knowledge and concepts inherent to gardens. After 5 years, he returns home to pass on what he has learned.
An experienced assistant gardener, he has been working with us since 2014. He is our plant pruning expert, after taking several courses he specializes in plant pruning and tree climbing. Equally good in the field of felling plants with a chainsaw.
Our apprentice as an AFC landscape gardener, joining the team in September 2021.

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